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Counseling Services

Counseling services

Individual Therapy

I treat adults who are typically struggling with one aspect of their life – whether it be in regards to relationships, finding purpose in life, managing feelings of anxiety, sadness, or feeling unfulfilled, as well as those attempting to live a sober life. Through a collaborative effort, we’ll investigate the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are impacting you. We’ll then develop strategies that support your beliefs and values that will allow you to heal and live better!

My approach is authentic, compassionate, and engaged. I emphasize the collaborative process and I want your feedback on what’s working and what’s not! I utilize the evidence-based treatments of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I place immense value on relationships in psychotherapy and building rapport with my clients. At the foundation of my work is the development of a safe and healing environment.

Perinatal Counseling Services

Being a woman of child-bearing age comes with many challenges. 1 in 7 women will experience a perinatal mood disorder. Depression and anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum, intrusive thoughts, and difficulties managing the transition to motherhood are are very real struggles that can require help from a professional. I help women navigate this critical period in their life – before pregnancy, during pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, and after loss. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in maternal mental health, I assist in addressing the unique set of challenges women face in the perinatal period. Some of the common challenges that arise include:

What is Holistic Counseling?

Providing a holistic approach to therapy means taking the whole person into account. As a holistic therapist, I believe that individuals and their environment are interconnected and thus do not exist in a vacuum. This approach notes that when individuals isolate their issues from the bigger picture, they can actually increase their unhappiness and dissatisfaction towards their life. 

In holistic counseling, we work with the whole individual, including the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. A holistic approach combines traditional talk therapy with integration of the whole being. A holistic approach can be helpful in finding meaning in one’s life, addressing unresolved trauma, finding solutions to physical or somatic issues, as well as addressing self-esteem. Integrating a holistic approach can accelerate healing by addressing core issues that prevent one from being their true authentic self. 

Online Counseling Services

I use a HIPPA-compliant service called Telehealth by SimplePractice to meet with clients virtually. It’s easy to use and does not require you to login or download anything. Approximately 10 minutes before your appointment, you’ll receive an email appointment reminder with an embedded unique link. Open up our special link in your web browser and you’ll be ready to join the call! If you prefer to use a smartphone or tablet, there is a free app called Telehealth by SimplePractice (for iOS or Android) you can download as well!

​In order to access online counseling, you will need the following things:

    -An Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone

    -Webcam or built-in camera on the device

    -A comfortable place where you can talk in private without interruptions

1. It’s convenient! Engaging in online therapy save you time in your workday by keeping you in the office and out of traffic. Since most of my clients are moms with children, it has made the most sense to conduct sessions online. No need to find childcare, you can stay at home in your pjs and I won’t mind one bit. No need to travel in inclement weather or worry about filling up the gas tank to see your therapist. The session comes to you wherever you are most comfortable.
2. Technology is part of everyday life. Communicating online is the norm for many people, especially younger adults or those who use technology often. More people are using texting, email, and video conferencing, to communicate. Online communication can feel easier than talking to someone in person, especially when revealing personal or private information.
3. Online counseling can provide access to those who can’t get to an office. In rural communities, the nearest therapist’s office may be over an hour away. I can see anyone located in Illinois or Wisconsin – whether you are in up by the Upper Peninsula or down in Little Egypt. 

Most likely! Since the COVID-19 pandemic, most insurance companies has allowed for telehealth services and even phone sessions. Online counseling, commonly referred to as ‘telehealth’, is being recognized as a reimbursed service through insurance providers. I am in-network with most major insurance companies and have not run into issues with services being denied. 

If you are worried about coverage, please check with your individual insurance plan.