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Perinatal Therapy For Women

Maternal Mental Health Services

I first opened my practice, All Encompassing Counseling, LLC, in 2017. While taking a business course in 2019, I decided to specialize my practice to serve my favorite clients – moms. At the time, I wanted to better serve the clients I was seeing in my practice and wasn’t even a mom myself. In the years since, I have grown my practice in perinatal therapy, grown my family, and harnessed my compassion for women in the perinatal period (pregnancy and postpartum).

I have received specialized training and have earned a certification as a Certified Perinatal Mental Health counselor (PMH-C) through Postpartum Support International (PSI) in June 2020. I am qualified to work with women at any point in their parenting journey, whether that be struggles with infertility, grief and loss, as well as mood disorders and OCD in the perinatal period.

I am always educating myself through trainings and readings, and of course through the experiences of my clients. Specifically, I have done a postgraduate training with Karen Kleiman, one of the leaders in the field of maternal mental health, on the Art of Holding, as well as training specific to grief and loss as it pertains to the perinatal period through the Seleni Institute. I have also completed trainings related to infertility through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in order to better support clients pursuing assistive reproductive technologies (ART). 

Please feel free to ask me about the training I’ve had! Education is a great passion of mine and I’m always excited to learn more and share any book recommendations with clients or fellow professionals. I feel strongly that there is not only a need for maternal mental health services, but that specialized care and training is required in order to properly hold space for women in the perinatal period. I have worked with too many women who have felt invalidated when they sought out help from a professional who had no specialized training.

Since January 2020, I have volunteered my time as a Postpartum Support International Volunteer Support Coordinator for Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. I assist in connecting moms in need of services for perinatal therapy, psychiatry, or support groups. Perinatal mental health is a great passion of mine and my hope is that you can feel supported and validated in our sessions together. 

As a (mostly) stay-at-home homeschooling mother of two, one of my other passions has been encouraging limits on screen time for both moms and kids. I am a proud member of the Screen Time Action Network through the non-profit Fairplay. 

Through the perinatal therapy I provide, I hope to help any mom reaching out to align her values with how she lives her life. There is such joy in motherhood once we are able to feel supported and fully embrace the strength that is being a mother. I want you to get there! I want you to feel confident in your new life.

You are unique and so are your experiences. I provide individual care to all the women I see in my practice. Here are some issues I can assist you with: