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Perinatal Resources


resources for Moms

Perinatal Resources

Attachment & Bonding

Birth Trauma

Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) – Fact Sheet

Breastfeeding Support

La Leche League International

LactMed – Information for Drugs and Lactation Database

Infant Risk Center

Kelly Mom – Evidenced-Based Breastfeeding Information

MothertoBaby – Evidence-based information on the benefit or risk of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

Dad Support

Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) – Fact Sheet

Postpartum Support International Help for Dads

Developmental Concerns


Resolve – for resources, support groups, and online support

ASRM – The American Society for Reproductive Medicine


Intensive Treatment Programs


Return to Zero – HOPE – resources, provider directory, etc. for pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and infant loss

Compassionate Friends

Share – Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support 

Birth Story Held for Loss – Book recommendation

Marriage and Partners

Fair Play – the book and documentary

Maternal Mental Health

Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) – Fact Sheet
Postpartum Support International (PSI) – for resources, free support groups, etc. 
PSI Provider Directory to find a therapist, medication provider, lactation consultant, etc. 
Moms Mental Health Initiative Milwaukee – local support to find therapists and other providers and other local resources

Postpartum Psychosis

Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA) – Fact Sheet

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)


TFMR Mamas – Support group

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy – Online support group

Terminations Remembered – TFMR Facebook Support Group

Traumatic Childbirth

Birth Story Brave – Book recommendation

Workers Rights Around Pregnancy, Maternity Leave, and Breastfeeding

Specialty Issues

Eating Disorders and Pregnancy

Egg Donation

Parents of Multiples

Plus Size Birth


Support if You Have Lost Your Mother

Support if Your Child Has Medical Needs – March of Dimes

Weaning – Postpartum University Podcast, July 11, “Weaning Depression: Unveiling the Silent Struggle when Ending Breastfeeding.”